Why Discipline Is Better Than Motivation? Motivation Is Overrated

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Why Discipline Is Better Than Motivation? Motivation Is Overrated

Emma Steve I.

Are you struggling so hard to get shit done and find joy even in things you thought you loved.

Have you lost your motivation or will to do anything? Like you're just tired of it all and can't enjoy anything?.

When I was in college - every time I focused on motivation to get work done - my grades suffered.

Once I switched to Discipline - they went back up. Same thing applies to business and skills you want to gather under your belt.

The real issue is you don’t need motivation, you need discipline.

This GUIDE would help you get over the feeling of only experiencing short spurts of motivation.

When trying to stay consistent long term, you start to lose focus. Something you must realize is that discipline isnt derived from motivation.

Sometimes you have to push through even when it’s not fun.

Discipline > Motivation


  1. What comes first - Discipline or Motivation?
  2. Can you have Discipline without motivation? The Power of Self-Discipline
  3. Why Discipline is more important than motivation
  4. How to Learn Self-Discipline as a Habit: Practical Strategies

Discipline is consistent effort and dedication.

The fact is, you won’t always be motivated to do the things you love and moves the needle!

Learn how to Replace motivation with discipline, and see your growth.

Choose to be dedicated to YOU. Choose consistency.

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Discipline takes you places motivation can’t: You need more discipline than motivation.

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